12 Glory Laps in 12 Hours

12 Glory Laps in 12 Hours
Last February 20th, I hiked and skied 12 laps on Mt. Glory. 19,638 feet climbed with skis on my back and 19,638 feet skied to raise money for Camp To Belong. It's snowing again and I'm ready for the 2nd edition! Click the logo for more info and ways to support camp!

Camp To Belong - Elk Mountain Grand Traverse

Camp To Belong - Elk Mountain Grand Traverse
We're racing the Elk Mtn Grand Traverse this March, a 40 mile ski race across the roof of Colorado in the middle of the night! Click for updates on our training and fundraising progress!

Peaked Sports

Peaked Sports
Driggs, ID

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter. Table for One.

After my two previous ascents in November and December of last year, I've had it in my mind that I should keep up the pattern and not only continue my monthly check-ups on the summit, but also experience the full scope of a winter ascent. This would be the first time I would have to use winter gear from bottom to top and it would also require a somewhat tedious 4 1/2 mile grunt up Teton Canyon Rd on foot due to the road being groomed for nordic skiing.
My intention was to leave the house at 4:30am, but I hit snooze a couple times and ended up running an hour behind. And given that this outing would take at least 1 1/2 hours more than my last two "half'winter" round trips due to the additional snow and the added length of the approach and return, I was a little aprehensive about reaching the summit and making it back to town by noon for work. My two options: 1. Turn back below the summit and get to work by noon. Or 2. Call work after everyone gets there and tell them I'm coming in a bit later so I can hit the top. For the record, I did ask politely if things would be ok if I came in at 1pm, but my estimate, however, was roughly 45 minutes short so they had to wait a bit longer for me to show up. It was ok, everything was calm thankfully and it didn't appear that I was missed too much. A faithful optimist I am to a fault. Good thing I have a great group of workmates.
I ended up leaving the car at 6am and it took 1:20 to slug my way into the canyon to where the trail begins. My body just wasn't too keen on getting going at first, but I think instinct took over once I got to the trailhead.

There is an unusual lack of snow so far this winter, but everything is definitely covered. The beginning of the trail climbs abruptly through the gap in the trees to the left of the restrooms.
What normally takes 20 minutes in summer conditions took an hour. Clawing up 1,000 vertical feet in under a mile through deep snow with snowshoes is an activity like no other.
It appeared that a few of the south facing walls were letting loose with avalanches after a few warmer days earlier in the week.
Customary view as the mountains pop over the plateau.
4:15 after leaving the car. 2:45 up from the trailhead. 9,500ft.
500 ft and 30 minutes below the summit.
It was a comfortable day on top. Comfortable temps just below freezing, almost no wind, and mostly sunny with wisping clouds.
Looking south across Hurricane Pass and the southern Teton Range.

Les Trois Teton

Cascade Canyon looking into Jackson Hole.

I arrived on top at 11:15am, 3:45 since the trailhead, and 5:15 from the car. I spent 5 minutes enjoying the moment before heading down. The descent took 1:10 back to the trailhead and another hour back to the car (7 1/2 hours roundtrip) which left just enough time to strip off all my gear, change into something a little more comfortable, and get myself to work at 1:45.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

8 days in Boise

Just got back home this past Sunday and I still wish I was on vacation. For 8 straight days I went for at least a 45 minute run and, on three occasions, I was out for more than two hours including a tour-de-Boise-foothills jaunt on Dec. 31st that took me out for three and a half. (Oh, and just a sidenote: On Saturday it was 58 degrees and I found myself running along Shaw Mtn Rd in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Because I could!)

So yeah, it was a pretty good trip. Just hung out. No itinerary. No plans. No worries. Just good runnin and relaxin.