12 Glory Laps in 12 Hours

12 Glory Laps in 12 Hours
Last February 20th, I hiked and skied 12 laps on Mt. Glory. 19,638 feet climbed with skis on my back and 19,638 feet skied to raise money for Camp To Belong. It's snowing again and I'm ready for the 2nd edition! Click the logo for more info and ways to support camp!

Camp To Belong - Elk Mountain Grand Traverse

Camp To Belong - Elk Mountain Grand Traverse
We're racing the Elk Mtn Grand Traverse this March, a 40 mile ski race across the roof of Colorado in the middle of the night! Click for updates on our training and fundraising progress!

Peaked Sports

Peaked Sports
Driggs, ID

Friday, December 12, 2014

December Spring Ends in the Tetons

Store up your nuts! 

Our unseasonable spring is ending and looks like it's back to the Teton winter we all love here.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let thy skis be free to glide

The iconic and beloved hut at the top of Glory was dismantled this past fall. But not to be deterred, the glory riding crowd has already resurrected a new version for this winter.

If you need a ride and see this rig driving towards Teton Village, put a thumb out and chances are you'll be treated to a first-class shuttle to the Ranch Lot. Such a sweet ride!

After a pre-dawn Glory lap on Friday, I drove to the Stilson lot to park and wait for the START BUS.  Sure enough, here comes this guy in his newly converted transit van from New Hampshire offering a ride to anyone who wanted one. Second best part of my day!

Homemade campers have flatscreen tvs now.

Nuclear free snow, please.

Playground 22

A great line.

Bootin up Glory

The Wind River Mountain range 100 miles away is visible way out in the distance.
Not quite sure what's happening with our weather pattern, but I should not be out grilling in the dark wearing flip flops, no coat, and walking on grass on December 7th.
The secret line down Glory that hardly anyone knows about. Hasn't snowed in a week and there was one track through this tree alley.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Return to Winter

Last day of November. Three laps on Glory. Each photo was taken approximately an hour and fifteen minutes apart at the top of each lap.

Thanksgiving week

It was a busy Friday before we left. I was trying to wrap up as much as possible before leaving for a week.
And after a 6 1/2 hr drive south to SLC through thick snow and slop...
Honorary mimosas at the airport! to celebrate the annual sale at The Wheel! that we were unfortunately not able to take part in.

The city just keeps on growin...

But there are still micro ecosystems that I find absolutely captivating. You have to look hard and know where to go, but they are there! (I can provide free directions for those who are curious.)

And then we stopped by the Cardiff tide pools at low tide...

And caught a sunset from our fave mex restaurant. 

Tuesday, it was the best beach run on the San Diego coastline...

Another perfect sunset...

And an incredibly delicious dinner at Land & Water in Carlsbad Village. If you are looking for top-tier, one-of-a-kind, unique,  local food creations that will shock your taste buds by giving them something they've never tasted before and that are simply the most flavorful food you've ever eaten, then Come to Land & Water. Simply. Outstanding. (Made even better with a bottle of Sake Moto and a sake cup from The Wheel!)
I don't even remember exactly what this was, but it had a candied pear with brie cheese in the middle. Just. Wow.

And one final sunset.
Yes, there was a wonderful Thanksgiving day spent with family in there as well but I was too busy enjoying myself and was not focused on photo journaling.